How to Protect Your Skin after Visiting a Spray Tanning Studio

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When you're looking for a healthy glow, spray tanning is the fastest and safest way to get one. The results can be seen immediately and it will leave your skin looking absolutely amazing. There are things that you should do, however, after your visit to a spray tanning studio to maintain the tan for as long as possible and to keep your skin looking its very best.

The First Day

For the first 24 hours following your spray tanning session you'll need to pay special importance to skincare. This will help keep your tan glowing and provide you with the best results possible.

It's important to wear clothing that fits loosely to keep the tan from rubbing off. If it starts to rub off in certain areas your tan will start to appear uneven. Clothes that are too tight should be avoided for 24 hours following your session at a spray tanning studio. A good choice would be a T-shirt type of dress paired with loose sandals. Avoid wearing tight jeans, leggings, sneakers, socks, yoga pants or anything else that fits closely to the skin.

If you can get away with it, you should also consider not wearing underwear or a bra once you have received the tan. If you have to wear these clothes make sure that you put on very loose underwear and a strapless bra. If you don't have any of these you should pick up a cheap pair at a local department store. You don't need to get anything too fancy since you'll only need to wear them for a day. Also keep in mind that they may get discoloured from the tan so choose a dark pair of underwear and bra.

Don't Shower Immediately

Wait for at least 4 hours following your spray tanning studio session before taking a shower. Use cleansers that are free of oil and use a gentle water setting. Put your exfoliants away for now and don't scrub your skin at all. Allow the water to gently run over you and make the shower as short as possible. Avoid using any soaps that are drying and anything with chemicals in it. Use warm water instead of hot and don't dry yourself off with rubbing but pat yourself dry instead.

Any type of moisture should be avoided for the first 4 hours after your session. This means that you should avoid using any type of moisturizers, lotions, sprays and any liquid cosmetics. You should also avoid sweating during this initial time period so avoid any type of exercise workouts and don't go out into the hot sun where you could start to perspire. Stay cool and dry during this initial time to keep your skin looking its best.

Avoid Wearing Any Makeup

It's best to avoid wearing any sort of makeup for at least 8 hours after your visit to a spray tanning studio. This can make your face appear blotchy and may change the colour of your tan. It's best to let your natural skin shine through at the beginning and then apply your makeup later on when it is safe to do so.

After Your First Shower

Following your first shower feel free to moisturize your skin with a product that contains no oil. Your skin will keep its tan for a longer amount of time when it is hydrated. Dry skin is not your friend after the initial 4 hours have passed. Make sure that you remember to moisturize your entire body following any future showers to keep that glow.

If you find that it takes too long to moisturize your whole body every day you can mix some of your favourite oil-free moisturizer in a spray bottle with water so that you can apply it quickly. You can also buy moisturizing sprays that are fast and easy to apply after a quick shower.

Individual or Group Tan Services – After One Week

As mentioned earlier, it's important to keep your skin moisturized for the length of the tan following individual or group tan services. Not only should you moisturize after your showers but you should also make sure that you apply cream or lotion at least twice a day. Natural moisturizers without oil work best.

It's also important to continue to avoid getting your skin wet for long periods of time. Swimming, long baths or showers, saunas or steam rooms should not appear on your daily to-do lists. Keeping your skin hydrated with a good moisturizer is one thing but getting your skin wet is something completely different that needs to be avoided in order to preserve the integrity of your tan.

If you have had individual or group tan services you should stay away from harsh chemicals in any form. Also, only wear bandages if you have to and put off getting a massage until your tan has faded. In order to avoid discolouration it's also best to avoid touching your skin for extended amounts of time. This means that you should not cross your arms or your legs since it is often done without thought and you may remain in this position for quite a while.

Plan Your Next Mobile Group Tan Services

These are the most important tips that you should follow to keep your existing tan looking the best that it can be. Once you find that your tan has faded and you are ready to book your next session at a spray tanning studio keep in mind that mobile group tan services are also available for your convenience. Why not gather together some friends to enjoy a group tanning session whether there is a special occasion coming up or not? This is a great way to enjoy time with your friends while at the same time getting a great tan that you absolutely love!

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