Get the Spray Tan Certification You Need to Start Your Own Business

Spray tanning has become extremely popular recently since it offers an alternative to tanning beds which have received a lot of bad press lately. In order to do spray tanning on others, however, you'll need spray tan certification in order to do it legally. When you are looking for an opportunity to start your own business and think that this would be something you would enjoy, there is a lucrative potential available for earning profits.

It's expected that the market for sunless tanners will grow by $259 million USD from 2020 up until 2027 on a worldwide basis. This is due in part to the looming recession and the pandemic crisis. The market is forecasted to grow at more than 4.1% and will reach an overall market size of over $1 billion USD by the end of 2027. You too can be a part of this phenomenal growth with spray tan certification offered by YYZ Tanning.

It's expected that this market will hit the reset button in the era of post Covid-19 as the industry continues to be redesigned and redefined. There will be evolving conditions in the market and expert analysis has shown that spray tanning will be trending more than ever as we move forward.

The beauty industry is buzzing in terms of sunless tanning. Not only are people rushing to get spray tans but they are also buying an unprecedented amount of self-tanning products. This leaves the door open to savvy business owners that want to make the most of both markets.

Sunless tanning provides an opportunity that is available year round to individuals that want the appearance of suntanned skin. Many clients are dealing with the effects of being overexposed to the sun or tanning beds. Their skin health is suffering so the opportunity to get a spray tan comes as a welcome alternative. Sunless tanning is able to provide an all-over body glow that looks completely natural.

Spray Tanning Training for New Business Owners

Getting into the spray tanning business can be done relatively quickly when you do it the right way. This is a fun, profitable business opportunity with a growing demand for services. You'll be able to work with different clientele and help them get a boost in their confidence with a new appearance. You'll meet a lot of interesting people and this job can be very fun.

It doesn't take a lot of capital to get started in this industry either. Simply start with some spray tanning training and then purchase the equipment and you're ready to start looking for clients. You don't even need to have a physical spot where you are offering your services since you can begin by offering mobile spray tanning. This way, you go to the customers instead of having them come to you.

Get started by opening a mobile spray tanning business at the beginning to take a leap forward quickly. You won't have to pay rent to lease out a place, which will allow you to get into profit quite quickly. You'll have to pay money for gas to get from one place to another but this cost is minimal when compared to the high rate you would have to pay to lease out a physical building.

You'll also find that you'll be able to get more clients when you offer a mobile service. People are willing to pay more for the convenience of having you come to them for their spray tanning. You may find that you have a lot of clients in no time at all, which will give your business a boost straight from the start.

Once you finish your spray tanning training you'll be able to start working on others as soon as you get the equipment. You'll also find yourself in a position where you can set your own prices. When you're first starting out a good way to secure more customers is to find out what the other spray tanning companies are charging and then set your prices 10% lower. After you have built up an established list of clients you can then raise your prices accordingly.

It's important to do some research before setting up your pricing, however, since you'll find a wide variance in pricing from one region to the next. Take a look at spray tanning websites in your local area to see what they are charging. If the prices aren't listed, feel free to call up the company to ask for a quote.

During the spray tanning training you'll also learn about offering services to individuals and groups. Quite often you'll find that a group wants to get spray tanned together for a special event such as a wedding. It's common for the bridal party to book a spray tanning session the day before the wedding so that they can all enjoy the tanning experience together.

Spray Tan Private Training

You can get involved with group training or private spray tan training according to your needs. If you already have some experience in the spray tanning industry you may want to get spray tan private training so that you can ask specific questions and go at a faster speed. When you need spray tan certification, you'll need to get it from a certified educator in the field that understands the industry inside and out. You can elevate your expertise to bring your business up to a higher level.

Learn more about spray tan training today by visiting our website at We will give you the knowledge you need to succeed at your business and we can help you reach your goals. We can answer any and all questions regarding the type of customer service you should be providing to your clients and we will go over all of the technical aspects with you. Learn how to operate the equipment efficiently so that everyone that walks into your tanning booth ends up with the tan they want.