Coming Soon! YYZ Tanning Certification Training is designed to introduce you to the world of sunless tanning. Our comprehensive training program will help prepare you to own and operate your own sunless business and learn the art of spray tanning. Education is the foundation of my business as I truly believe that you need to invest in your craft in order to build a successful and sustainable brand while providing the optimum guest experience. After 15 years of industry experience and knowledge, I chose to become a Certified Educator so that I can ensure my students receive the absolute best training and most recognized certification possible.  As an exclusive member, students will have access to International Celebrity and Influencer Seminars, in addition to advanced training techniques adapted from the industry’s finest. Together, we will be a brand, a business and the ultimate bronze!

More details will be available soon. If you are interested in becoming YYZ Certified, please fill out the form provided under Contact and we will be in touch once our Certification Training is available.

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